Infographic: Offer Your Clients the Parachute of Life Insurance

Just over half of American households would feel the financial impact from the loss of the primary wage earner within only 6 months. What do you know about clients’ life insurance needs? Source:

Give Your Clients a Stronger Foothold in 2017

As your clients are delving into their 2016 taxes, they may also be looking to establish a stronger foothold in their 2017 and beyond.  Two ways you can help: accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage and term life insurance. Here are few quick points to discuss with your clients about both types of coverage: 1.…… Continue reading Give Your Clients a Stronger Foothold in 2017

Infographic: Help Save Your Clients Money with These Two Features

Your clients may have differing health concerns, but they probably have one thing in common: looking for ways to save money. Are you offering products with features that help them save?          

Telemedicine and Today’s Savvy, Cost-Conscious Patient

The future of healthcare and healthcare coverage is surrounded by speculation. As costs continue to rise 1 and changes to legislation remain in the air 2, millions of Americans may soon be making changes to how they manage their healthcare choices. While the healthcare industry has historically been reluctant to latch on to alternatives to costly…… Continue reading Telemedicine and Today’s Savvy, Cost-Conscious Patient

Infographic: The Future of Short-Term Medical Coverage Sales

There has been an upward trend in the sales of short-term medical coverage, and it remains popular going forward in 2017. Are you ready to see your sales surge with short-term medical products? Click the title above to learn more.