Health Coverage in 2018: Change Is Constant

Change is the only constant in healthcare coverage. Adjustments to cost, convenience, quality, access, and legislation unfailingly impact consumers and the decisions they make for their own healthcare as well as healthcare for their loved ones. But there’s one important factor that will remain unchanged: your clients’ need to have access to affordable, convenient, and…… Continue reading Health Coverage in 2018: Change Is Constant

Infographic: Protect Your Clients’ Vision During Contact Lens Health Week and Beyond

Healthy habits mean healthy eyes. The Centers for Disease Control is highlighting that message August 21-25 for Contact Lens Health Week, an annual campaign to increase public awareness about proper wear and care of contact lenses. Check out the infographic below for more on how you can help your clients protect their vision!

Infographic: Help Guard Your Clients’ Whole Health with Dental and Vision Coverage

You can help to protect the health of your clients’ smiles and encourage better vision habits while you grow your portfolio by offering low-cost dental and vision insurance policies. Click the title above to learn more.