Help Save Your Clients Money with These Two Features

Your clients may have differing health concerns, but they probably have one thing in common: looking for ways to save money. Are you offering products with features that help them save?          

New Year, New Coverage: Short-Term Medical in 2017

As you and your clients gear up for all that 2017 has to bring, help them stay on track and face medical concerns with short-term medical coverage. This level of coverage may fit the needs of your clients who are: Transitioning between jobs Waiting for employer insurance to begin Graduating from college Rolling off parents’…… Continue reading New Year, New Coverage: Short-Term Medical in 2017

Short-Term Medical Plans & ACA Plans: Are They Different?

The world of healthcare coverage can feel convoluted and confusing, making it tricky for your clients to navigate. As costs of medical care continue to rise and challenges to healthcare legislation continue to spark headlines, it’s crucial that your clients understand the differences in coverage available.